Abednego’s Unexpected Loss

On June 27, 2016 Abednego Asafo, one of our boys lost everything in a fire. He lived with his sister in a small kiosk at Spintex. Unfortunately for the two, there had been a power outage that evening and when the lights came back the voltage was so high that it created a default circuit in one of the power outlets in the kiosk that was just behind theirs.
22This led to a fire that spread so quickly that before they were able to put off the fire it had reach Abednego’s kiosk. We are however grateful that Abednego and his sister escaped unharmed. The fire cost him his personal belongings, and most importantly his educational material including his text books and notebooks.

It’s not easy for such a young boy to lose all this and have to start from scratch again. Born to be Free foundation is imploring everyone to pitch in and help Abednego. You may make donations such as cash, clothes (gently used or new), shoes, toiletries, blankets, towels and the like. You can contact us 0501 418 876 for enquiries on donations or email us at s.oliveira@borntobefree.org

We appreciate your good heart and generosity.




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